I'm a gamer who loves adventures. Usually I found myself playing Japanese roleplaying games. I play with gaming consoles (Sony PlayStation and Nintendo) but sometimes I try some PC games as well. My all time favorite game series is Final Fantasy and I really love Japanese roleplaying games.

The other thing I love is writing. I'm writing my own fantasy series which is inspired by JRPG. The first book has already been published in 2015 and I'm currently writing second one.

Writing has been part of my life for years and I have studied it in some courses. I'm part time journalist in Matkalla duuniin! Internet page and some of my articles has been published also in the Internet page of local newspaper. I have taken part some other writing and blogging projects too.

I really love to compine writing and gaming. That's why I started write this blog in 2011. Games and stories with great characters are inspiring and I want to dive even deeper to that world. This blog is my journey through many worlds and many lifes, because I can't simply have just one.

You can find me at other places too

PSN: Afeni84
Steam: Afeni
FFXIV character: Nabia Leonclaw / Odin
Twitter: @Afeni84
Instagram: Level up! -blogi
E-mail: afeninblogit (a)

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