Would you like me to write about your company's new game or gaming console? That can actually happen! I'm happy to recieve co-operation offers which fit in my blog and which I believe would be interesting for my readers.

Why to choose Level up! blog for co-operation? 

You can read game reviews from magazines and many Internet pages. You can have one of those easily from some where else than here. Level up! doesn't actually do game reviews but some of text can include some review-esque parts.

  • In Level up! blog I highlight my experiences as a gamer and try to peek into characters' heads. I'm looking for seeing something more than the pretty face of the game. I'm really interested in characters and stories, but of course the game play experience is important to me as well.
  • The Level up! blog offers an opportunity to open up the world of the certain game to my readers in new point of view. Why you should have (just) a review when you can have analytical post about characters or some speculations of the meaning of the game's story?
  • Level up! is a companion blog of Finnish gaming magazine Pelit. This means that each blog post will be linked to their Internet page as well. I also advertise my blog post in my blog's Facebook page and in my Twitter account.

Does that sound good?

If you find the idea of co-operation interesting, send me an e-mail. Let's discuss how we can work together and find the best blogging solution for you.

The content of the blog is in Finnish but I'm happy to work with you in English and most of the games I play and write about are in English too. Through me you can bring the gaming experience of your game to Finnish gamers and readers in their own language.


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